Five bereaved cats - two more adopted!

Remember the five bereaved cats? We previously shared Romeo’s adoption story and now two more of these beautiful fur-babies have been adopted. Tonto (black & white) and Harley (ginger tabby) had been pals since their kitten-hood and we were determined to keep them together - although one was extremely gregarious and the other untouchably shy.

As she gradually began to win Tonto’s trust, Billie the fosterer thought it was unlikely an ideal home would be found for the two friends. We agreed and were thrilled when she asked if she could adopt them herself. It’s wonderful that these delightful boys have stayed together and are loved unconditionally.

The other two cats, Jack and Bo-Peep, are still looking for their happy endings. They can be adopted together or separately.
Jack: click here
Bo: click here

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