FOUND: Californian White rabbit may soon need a home

found-californian-white-rabbit Someone must be missing this big friendly male rabbit. He was found in Pinehill, on the North Shore of Auckland, running back and forth across a busy road and exploring garden verges.

Thankfully a kind woman named Kate stopped her car and attempted to rescue him. A passing contractor managed to capture the bunny and contain him in his work van - while Kate rushed off to collect a travel carrier. Now this lovely big boy is safe in our shelter until we find his protector.

This rabbit is used to human attention – so we hope to soon reunite him with his family! Please contact us ASAP if this boy is your baby.

If his caregivers don’t come forward, we will be looking for a loving home for him with plenty of human company and a big hutch & play area to suit his size and curious nature.

Please apply if you are able to offer him a wondeful back-up home…

Thank you.

found-californian-white-rabbit-exploring-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit-in-garage-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit-kate-c
found-californian-white-rabbit-looking-about-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit-nosey-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit-sniffing-kate-c
found-californian-white-rabbit-stretching-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit-with-bag-kate-c found-californian-white-rabbit1-kate-c