Fundraising Plea


We hope this letter finds our website visitors and the animals in their care very happy and looking forward to balmy Summer weather and the upcoming holiday season.

Right now we need help with our animal rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing work. Much has happened this year, including Animal Re-homing being granted registered charity status in April 2014. This enables us to issue official receipts - so you will be able to claim back reimbursement from the IRD for one-third of any donation made.

Our current running costs and needs are huge, so we are appealing to our supporters for help. Outstanding vet bills have reached $5,668.69. It’s heart-breaking to turn away from animals who desperately deserve to be saved - but we need urgent help to continue. We hope you will come forward to assist us.

Max (pictured) is a gorgeous 3-year-old Border Collie who was about to be lethally injected because his caregivers couldn’t afford the $3,000 for his second cruciate ligament surgery. The vet phoned and asked if we could raise the funds for the operation, rehabilitate him and find him a new home. He offered us the surgery at half price. To save Max’s life, we said yes and collected him the same day. He is being kept still and doing well following his surgery and will soon need a loving home. Some wonderful volunteers are making and selling $2 bracelets – but they have not raised nearly enough to pay for the operation. (We also have a cat named Martini waiting for the same surgery).


Bumble is part of a chicken rescue we have been involved in. Approximately 200 hens, roosters and chicks needed to be removed and re-homed to prevent their slaughter. Ten vulnerable birds came home with us. Among them is severely disabled Bumble (pictured) who was also crop bound through dehydration. She is a spirited, friendly and determined little girl who deserves a chance for a better life. We took her to the avian vet and discovered that she most likely needs a leg amputation which will cost $450. She already hops about on one leg, so we expect her to cope well when the historically dislocated leg is removed.

Please scroll down to the bottom for a shortlist of expenses and needs we are trying to prioritise.

For a variety of ways to make your donation, please click here.

All the very best to each of you for the upcoming festive season. May 2015 bring you a very happy year and much more relief to animals in strife. We leave you watching our short rooster documentary. Please click here.

Love and huge appreciation for any assistance you are able to offer. Thank you so much!

Current Expenses

Vet bills $5,668.69
Credit card $1,200.11
Surgery Max the Border Collie $1,500
Surgery Bumble the hen $450
Surgery Martini the cat (pictured) cruciate surgery $1,200
Surgery Ghost the rabbit. Check, de-sex, micro-chip, vaccinate $254.70
Surgery x1 dog dental, fluids & blood testing $435 plus meds/extractions
Surgery x8 cats dental, fluids & blood testing $2,960 plus meds/extractions
Cat Litter (At half price for x60 sacks) $654.47
Cat food. Monthly cost $560
Chicken food. Monthly cost $99
Shelter dog insurance $452
Public Liability Insurance $483
x6 Feliway cat calming plug-in burners $549. (Monthly refill vials $305)
Petrol vouchers for volunteer drivers



Mobile, durable chicken/rabbit pens with runs $4,130
We need several easy care, predator-safe enclosure/runs for the animals who are rehabilitating in our 24 hour care

Ergonomic office chair. $1,495.
This is not urgent or crucial, but for over a decade I have been sitting on a kitchen chair. I am either out in the field rescuing animals or sitting at the computer for 70 hours per week. The poor seating is impacting on my neck and back. Research has led me to the Swopper chair.

Pawtect flea pendants $91 for cats. $97 for dogs
This is an alternate, gentle flea management method that is active for 2 years. We have trialled two of them and would like to use them for fragile cats & dogs & permanent shelter animals - rather than chemical treatments.