Good news!

Good news! Our weekend street fundraiser made $1,300 to split between our vet clinics – now only $4,431 to go! If you were unable to support us on Saturday, please make a donation at

Thank you to the fabulous volunteers who gave up their precious time to help on the day; Frank, Gordana, June, Nicole, Arionne, Onjoli, Sam, Maggie, Hannah, Sue, Jenni, Elizabeth, Carla, Imogen… and the dogs Lutha and Baxter! It would not have been possible without you all.

Lena gifted us with branded T-shirts and a professional banner, author Don Batley donated his children’s poetry books, Sue made beautiful beaded bracelets, and Diane from Zest Products gave us a selection of lovely pet bowls.

And of course, special thanks to the members of the public who made generous donations and purchases!

It turns out we can’t even have a fundraising day without rescuing an animal. A fledgling sparrow who had fallen from her nest is now safely in the care of the North Shore Bird Lady. Thank you Sylvia!


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