scared-dogIf you are planning to have a bonfire, please do not build it until a few hours before it is going to be lit. Piles of wood, etc can attract hedgehogs, frogs and other animals looking for a place to hibernate, shelter or nest. It is best to store the material for the bonfire in a different area from where it is going to be burned. That way any animals who do crawl into the pile will be evicted rather than cremated.

Caregivers of all species of animals are urged to make preparations for fireworks night. Pet animals should be kept inside from before sunset on November 5th. Farmed animals should have access to barns, coops and deep kennels. Having the curtains shut and a radio or TV on can help to distract the animals from the noise of the fireworks.

Instead of spending money on a private fireworks party, please go to organised public displays where, for nothing or a small donation, you can watch thousands of dollars worth of very powerful and spectacular fireworks being set off safely by experts.