Womble & Hedgey are recovering well

If you see hedgehogs during the daytime, they need your help – so please keep them safely enclosed and contact Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand.

Womble and Hedgey were only a few days from death when we rescued them. They were suffering excruciating mange that left them skinny, bald, stinking, and caked in layers of their own dead skin. We took them to the shelter where they hungrily ate wet kitten food and drank plenty of water.

Fortunately one of our volunteers is experienced and patient in treating hedgehog mange, so we rushed these youngsters to Laurie. She donned gloves and generously poured warmed cooking oil over them to loosen the skin. (Some people use a soft paintbrush). She then began the gentle task of loosening and removing the dead skin. She told us that warmth is essential to their survival, so heat pads were set up in large, fully enclosed cat carriers and they were put to bed. In the early evening the procedure was repeated and plenty of wet and dry kitten food and water provided for the night.

The next day Womble and Hedgey went to the vet for the first of two parasite killing injections (Ivermectin) and an antibiotic eye cream to smear over the newly exposed damaged skin and around their eyes. The oiling and dead skin removal continued and tweezers were used to carefully remove the flaky skin inside their ears.

By day three only one oiling was needed and Laurie began administering a 3 day course of injectable antibiotics under Womble’s skin to treat an infection.

A second shot of Ivermectin was given a fortnight after the first and tiny prickles have now begun to emerge through their skin. When they have their full complement of spines, Womble and Hedgey will be looking for a safe place to live out their lives.

Huge thanks to Laurie for her dedicated nursing and her deep compassion for these sweet creatures. We are so lucky to have her on our Team!

Check out our video of Womble eating up a storm on the day we rescued him.


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