Help us find a home for Max

altHelp us find a home for Max the Border Collie before Christmas. Our adorable Max must leave his foster home in less than two weeks so we are desperately seeking a lovely home for him. Please share this post with your friends so we can help Max. Thanks!

Beautiful Border Collie Max, has just turned four years old. When he tore both cruciate ligaments within five months, his distraught caregivers could not afford to pay for the second surgery or maintain him long term. With broken hearts, they asked the vet to euthanize him.

Desperate for a solution before the end of the day, the clinic staff contacted us. With the help of our precious donors and with dozens of volunteers creating and selling beaded bracelets, funds were raised to pay for Max’s discounted operation. Julie and Stephanus generously agreed to the intensive task of fostering him for the first eight weeks of his 12 week recovery.

Max has reached a point in his rehabilitation that we are now seeking applications for his adoption. He will need gentle exercise for the next few weeks and plenty of loving human company to keep him happy and stimulated while he settles into his new surroundings and lifestyle.

altIn less than two weeks, Max must leave his foster home, so we are hoping that someone ideal will quickly come forward for him and will be around home for the Christmas and holiday period. We would prefer that he doesn’t have to experience the wrench of leaving another fosterer – although we will consider a foster-to-adopt trial home.

Max is neutered, micro-chipped, registered and is in excellent health. He is a sensitive soul who is startled by fireworks and other loud sounds – so we are looking for a relatively quiet home for him. He loves to be with the people he trusts, so we are hoping there will be someone at home during the day or that he can go to work with his primary caregiver...or doggy day-care may be an option.

altMax will be a wonderful and devoted companion to his successful applicant. His sweet nature will be appreciated by a family, couple or individual and he also enjoys meeting and greeting other dogs. At this stage he is not allowed boisterous play, so a resident dog would need to be relatively calm or able to be kept separate for a month. If you are interested in the possible adoption of Max, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We are very grateful to Kath at Nose to Tail Dogwash for sponsoring his hydrotherapy sessions to ensure the best possible recovery. Thanks also to Forrest Hill Vet Clinic for discounting their medical fee for Max.