Because my rescue work is known to the emergency clinic, they have kindly reduced the cost of surgery from $2,000.00 to $1,500.00. However it is not uncommon for costly complications to occur during or after the surgery and one in five dogs do not survive.


As many of you know, my vet bill is already in excess of $4,000.00 for which I am about to launch a fundraising raffle. However, Jake must be given a chance to survive this awful condition, so the vet has been given authorisation to proceed.


Please donate whatever you can afford to ensure that Jake’s bill is paid and that any aftercare he may need will be covered. Payment options are below.


I am leaving for the emergency clinic now to see if I can be of help answering phones, etc while the veterinarian and his nurse are working late with Jake…and to learn what aftercare is required in the days to come.


Thank you so much in advance for the assistance I am confident you will provide. We have helped thousands of animals together over the years and I know Jake will touch your hearts as he has mine. The outcome of Jake’s surgery will be posted here on the NEWS section. I pray it will be the best possible news…


Love Linda

Please direct your donations to:
Linda Nunn (Animal Re-homing)
PO BOX 35-298
Browns Bay
North Shore City
Auckland 0753

Or direct donations may be made to:
Animal Re-homing bank account
Linda Nunn Animal Re-homing
ASB Account number: 12 3042 0208233 01