Introducing our Primary Groomer

Introducing our primary groomer, Linde Walker - in the back of Animal Re-homing's car with our latest rescue babies - Abbie, Katie, Bobby and Joey.

Since 2010 Linde Walker has kindly been grooming the dogs we save. We are so grateful for her knowledge, expertise and compassion with our animals. When we take them to her they are often matted, frightened, stinking and sad. When we collect them, they not only look and smell wonderful, but their confidence and joy levels have sky rocketed.

Last week Linde cancelled all her plans for her only day off to give our latest rescued waifs a much-needed groom. Sadly Abbie, Katie, Bobby and Joey’s caregiver is seriously ill and the dogs were home alone when she was rushed to hospital. It’s possible these little ones will need new homes in future – so please check back with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Linde can never know how much we appreciate her and her generosity in helping our animals in so many ways. For excellent service for your doggy companions, please click here

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