“In May (2009) the nation was shocked and disgusted to see the condition in which pigs are farmed in crates and sow stalls. What was revealed sickened all who saw it, and that this practice, which totally contravenes the Animal Welfare Act, is 'legal' because the 'code of welfare for pigs' allows it, makes a mockery of animal welfare…”

[Bob Kerridge Executive Director Auckland SPCA]

What you can do right now to stop factory farming

  1. Come to the major SAFE hosted pig celebration and campaign event at Auckland Museum on Tuesday evening 23/6/09. If you haven’t already booked your tickets to this Mike King experience, phone (09) 361 5646 or (09) 361 5643 or open this link to book online and learn more about the event and factory pig farming.!/
  2. Stop eating pig flesh in any form. This total boycott may even become a healthy national habit.
  3. Write to Peter O’Hara, the man with the power to change the shameful ‘code of welfare for pigs’ who said on national TV that he thinks “the pigs may very well be happy”. Also post a copy to the Minister of Agriculture.
    - Peter O’Hara, Chair, NAWAC, PO BOX 2526, Wellington 6001
    - Hon David Carter, Minister of Agriculture, Freepost Parliament, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160
  4. Keep talking about the suffering with your friends and colleagues.
  5. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Dress in a shirt with a slogan that opposes the factory farming of pigs. Profits from these shirt sales will kindly be equally donated to SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) and Animal Re-homing.

Related information/actions

Watch the emotional video footage as Mike King, previously the fronts person for the Pork Industry, realizes he has been promoting cruelty to pigs for seven years.

Visit NZ Open Rescue's Flickr page to see photos of Mike King confronting the horror of an intensive pig farm:

Visit the informative Animal Liberation Aotearoa website for detailed information on factory farming of pigs

Read the eye opening articles by Peter Sankoff (Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Auckland) following the exposure.,_Mike_King.html

An interesting post on The Standard blog site.

Sign the petition to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to investigate and regulate threats to our health. Evidence is emerging that traces swine flu to other factory pig farms that are dirty, dangerous, and inhumane.

Thank you so much to all of you!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Mike King event on Tuesday described this way by one of the organisers ”…We are expecting a near capacity of 500pp….One thing it will be is a night to marvel at. That I can assure you of… Please contact me immediately if you are willing to sponsor a ticket for any number of my volunteers. (Tickets are $25.00 each).

Please continue to make a difference to the lives of other creatures by forwarding my mail outs to all of those caring people on your database.