jack_new_homeBecause he was walking well, was alert and was letting everyone know that he was ready to leave the clinic, he was in his brand new home within just a few days of his major surgery.

The people who have adopted Jake are unbelievably devoted to their latest family member. Melissa has taken time off work and currently sleeps on the couch each night to keep a watchful eye on him. He is identifying with her as his main caregiver, although Steve and their daughter Summer (pictured) are also receiving plenty of tail wagging attention. The resident dog is treating him with tender respect too.

Click here to see a video clip Steve took yesterday of Jake wandering around his new property. You will see that Jake is an arthritic old fellow with plenty of lumps and bumps on his body, but he is walking at a fair pace for someone who was knocking at death’s door just days ago.

He will have a post-op check-up on Friday and have his stitches removed a week later. With contributions from Jake’s previous and current caregivers and from Animal Re-homing’s loyal supporters, I am hoping that enough will be raised to pay Jake’s vet bills. With hospital stays and medication, his account has reached more than $2,000.00.

Whether Jake goes on to live for weeks, months or years is irrelevant now. He is wagging his tail, enjoying his home-cooked meals, talking in his mumbling, companionable way and enjoying interaction with his new family. What more could an old dog wish for?

To Jake’s surgeon and all who have been involved in his medical care - my warmest thanks, to those of you who have walked this emotional journey with me and Jake’s loved ones - my deepest appreciation, to all who have pledged a contribution towards his account - my sincere gratitude.

When human beings unite in love and compassion I have discovered that anything and everything is possible…and I have long known that there is a loving caregiver for every homeless creature.

Love Linda