Are we celebrating or what?

It is with immense pleasure and after years of protesting first the Whirling Brothers and then the Loritz Circus, that it has been announced that JUMBO HAS HER FREEDOM.

Circus Slaves Linda Group

To all of you who have stood shoulder to shoulder protesting outside the circuses in all weathers & encouraging the public to walk away from this entertainment…CONGRATULATIONS!

To all of you who wrote letters to politicians, sent submissions to Parliament, penned letters & gave presentations to local councils asking them to ban circuses in their districts, put thousands of anti-circus leaflets in letterboxes throughout the country, stuck posters up in shopping centres & other public places, set up displays in libraries and community centres, contacted the media to cover events, incarcerated yourselves in cages representing Jumbo's plight, wrote letters to the editor, gave police statements regarding the words & actions heaped on protestors by Jumbo’s “caregivers”, encouraged animal advocates to become more involved, made donations to the campaign, tooted your car horns in support, provided food for the protestors, put up with police taking mug shots of you for peacefully demonstrating, explained to your children and their friends the reason why Jumbo’s life was not OK, etc, etc…and to SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) for spearheading such a determined and lengthy campaign…CONGRATULATIONS.

What a mammoth effort and thank goodness elephants are long-lived. May Jumbo spend her remaining years simply as an elephant ought and with her own kind for company

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