Kittens abandoned in public toilets

When a council worker opened the men’s beach-side public toilets in the early morning, he found two 5-week-old kittens abandoned in a bare banana box. Kind members of the public took them home until we were contacted and went to collect them. Their little personalities immediately started to emerge, so we named the wee male Monkey, and his sister Diva. We set up a cosy kitten enclosure and tempted them with various foods. When we offered them teats to suckle, it became apparent that they were not fully weaned and would need round-the-clock monitoring and feeding.

With our shelter operator recovering from a broken leg, we knew we couldn’t give them the level of care they needed. We contacted our friends at Gutter Kitties and, although it was late at night, they kindly picked them up.

If you would like to apply for the adoption of Monkey and/or Diva, please contact Gutter Kitties directly.

kitten kitten