Let’s get Vernie home before Winter

Between us, we have the ability to create a happy ending before winter. :) As the bitter weather approaches our hearts ache to GET VERNIE HOME!

We quickly need your help to get this beautiful Mastiff cross out of the kennels and into the loving home that awaits him. He came under our umbrella as a puppy who had been hit by a car. That was in September 2015. He is now two years old and has spent his entire life at boarding kennels. Although the staff and our dog walking volunteers do our best to give him cuddles, training and stimulation, he is so deserving of a domestic life in a loving family home.

Due to his intimidating size and brindle colouring, potential adoptees have passed by this loving dog. Sadly, there was no shortage of applications to keep him in barren commercial yards as a lonely night-time watchdog, or to bolster a macho image. Then finally it happened… a gentle couple spotted him at one of our PETstock Adoption Days and it was love at first sight for all three of them.

The couple flew through our interview processes and ticked all the boxes – except one. Their fences and gates are not suitable for a big boy like Vernie and they can’t immediately afford the construction costs to meet our standards. They’ve taken out a bank loan and have started working on one fence-line. We are determined to raise the $7,500 needed to secure the rest of the property before winter.

That’s where you come in. Please donate to get Vernie out of his concrete kennel before the bitter winter weather strikes… and onto the cosy bed that awaits him in the bedroom of his future caregivers. With your help we will be able to buy the building materials, muster a working bee, secure the gates & fencing and GET VERNIE HOME!

Vernie’s future family has set up a payment plan to reimburse Animal Re-homing month by month, so your kind donations will help other animals in need in the future.

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To help GET VERNIE HOME, please click on the image below. Many thanks.