Lost Gracie


We are grieved to advise that we have lost Gracie, our dear little three legged rescue girl, due to a sudden aneurysm.

Twelve years ago we caught her in our humane trap and were shocked that the flesh-less bones of her front leg were running diagonally across her chest... eaten clean by time and insects.

When we took her skeletal body to the vet, euthanasia was recommended because Grace was considered too weak to survive an anaesthetic for amputation. We asked the vet to give her a chance.

Grace made a full recovery and a feisty, frightened personality emerged. Eventually she learned to trust us and responded to gentle touch. Being an "exclusive bonder", we were unable to put Grace up for adoption. She has lived her life sleeping with her favourite humans at night and exploring our home-based shelter with her lunging gait.

Grace became extremely loving as the years passed and was the most prolific head-bunter we have ever encountered. Her loud purr rings in our ears and we so miss the softness of her fur as she slept against us under the sheets. Gracie knew unconditional love, care and safety... and this brings us immense comfort.

Having an animal shelter that accepts "difficult cases" inevitably means some of the rescue animals stay with us for the length of their natural lifespans... however long or short that may be. Yes, we weep frequently, but wouldn't miss sharing the journeys of these beautiful courageous souls.

Thank you Gracie - you enriched our lives and reminded us every day that euthanasia must be a last resort. Farewell sweet girl.

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