Ninja-Duck now has a safe haven

Remember Ninja-Duck? This beautiful Muscovy drake was at risk of being killed, on the roads or by dogs, when he tried to make his home in suburbia.

When we were asked for help, we took a trap to capture him - but it wasn’t needed. While Ninja took food from his kind feeder Dee, we were able to pick up this beautiful boy for a cuddle.

Through our Facebook page we found Tracey, and Ninja is now enjoying the company of her two other Muscovy boys named Maverick and Goose. It was lovely to experience their peaceful property and to know that Ninja is now in a safe environment with this family and their many rescue pets.

Thank you Dee, thank you Tracey, Russell and family. How we love a happy ending! smile emoticon

Ninja-Duck's original advert: Click Here

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