brie hydrotherapy

When Kath, the owner-operator of Nose to Tail heard about Brie learning to walk again, she generously offered to sponsor hydrotherapy sessions for her. We hope this will assist her in her walking, general body strength and stamina.

Today Brie had her first time in the heated swimming pool under the loving guidance of Kath (pictured). Brie was treated like royalty from the moment she arrived there. She was cuddled and reassured as her life jacket was fitted, passing staff members stopped to pet and chat with her and I gave her small treats as she was lowered into the pool.

At first Brie was wide-eyed and unsure, but she soon relaxed into the warm water and enjoyed her limbs being able to move freely with only the water to resist them. Her first session was for 5 minutes, which is equivalent to an 8km run. In time we hope to move up to the maximum time of 15 minutes and to have the water jets turned on to make her work a little harder.

When the timer beeped, we carefully lifted Brie out of the pool, praised her some more and allowed her to rest a little before taking her to one of the bathing booths. Kath taught me how to use the facility to remove any chlorine from Brie’s fur. A gentle lavender shampoo was provided, along with a plastic apron for me and all the equipment required to wash and dry a dog.

Other customers were busily bathing their own canine companions, staff members were grooming others, nails were being clipped, dog goodies were being purchased at the shop and dogs waiting for their treatments were merrily woofing among themselves. It’s a lovely and busy, custom-built enterprise where dogs leave feeling, looking and smelling wonderful.

When we got home, dear Brie flopped down on her mat, I covered her with a warm blanket and she slept for two solid hours.

When she awoke, her demeanour was cheerful and playful. She was like a flirtatious pup. She had obviously enjoyed the stimulation and was clearly feeling good for the extra exercise and positive interactions. We look forward to our next session on Friday.

Please support Nose to Tail. This is a North Shore, Auckland-based business with heart that is totally committed to helping dogs and their caregivers to enjoy the bathing, grooming and hydrotherapy experiences.

Animal Re-homing is deeply indebted to Kath Fitzpatrick and her staff for their kind sponsorship of our animals. To read about Brie’s story, please click here.

Brie has now enjoyed dozens of hydrotherapy sessions and continues to attend three times each week. She is swimming against rapids for the maximum time allowed and her stamina continues to surprise the staff. Her vet has advised that her weight is perfect, she is sitting and standing in preference to laying down, she is walking unassisted, she is less prone to infections and her mood is playful and happy. It's lovely that Brie is keen to get out of the car when we arrive there - knowing that she will soon be fussed over and pacing herself in the pool. We continue to be impressed with this facility and are so grateful for the competent assistance afforded to Animal Re-homing.

Please click here to watch a lovely video clip of Brie in the hydrotherapy pool. Many thanks to staff member Michael (who is Brie's primary lifter in and out of the pool), for providing the clip.

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