Pet duck seeks pampering home

animal rehomingCornelius is a charming and friendly Muscovy duck who must be adopted into a home where he is treated as a beloved pet. He will need affectionate interaction with caregiver(s) and it would be a bonus if he had another Muscovy or two to hang out with – he also enjoys the company of the shelter’s rabbits and hen. He loves bathing, so his successful applicant will need to have a pond or a pool for him to splash about in. He wags his tail when he sees someone approaching him, when he is given his twice-daily meals and when he’s heading up the ramp into his cosy sleeping quarters. He is simply a happy and delightful boy!

It wasn’t always this good. Cornelius and his mate had their wings roughly clipped (so they couldn’t fly home) and were abandoned at a public park. They had no idea how to fend for themselves and sadly, his female companion was rescued too late and died of starvation. Cornelius began walking around in circles with swollen nostrils clearly mourning his loss until a lovely woman named Cornelia rescued him and contacted us. Cornelius has now completed his medications for a suspected lung infection and is enjoying life at our shelter. Much as we love him, we now need to find him a permanent home where he will be equally appreciated.

If you would like to offer a home for Cornelius that’s safe from predators and poachers, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

animal rehoming animal rehoming

More cute videos of Cornelius: