Piggy-Sue was rescued at the time of the media frenzy this year regarding intensive pig farming in New Zealand. She is pictured with the woman who rescued her from a certain short life of misery before being slaughtered for human consumption.

Piggy Sue

Kia Ora - She could have been someone's Christmas feast – but instead Piggy-Sue enjoyed her very own very merry Christmas wallowing in the mud in Upper Hutt. The sow – a large white – was sprung from the Reid piggery in Carterton in May during undercover filming for TVNZ's Sunday programme, which revealed disturbing images of intensive pig farming.

She now lives at Huha Animal Sanctuary in Kaitoke, run by Carolyn Press-McKenzie, who bought Piggy-Sue.

The change in Piggy-Sue in the past seven months has been amazing. Among the many new experiences for Piggy-Sue, who had never been outside before her rescue, has been Wellington's changeable weather.

Carolyn Press-McKenzie was concerned that she might not cope with Kaitoke's cold winters, but instead she turned up her snout at attempts to keep her cosy. Carolyn made her this amazing shelter filled with straw that was all snuggly and warm, but Piggy-Sue would go out and spend hours frolicking in the snow.

Along with a coat of bristly hair and a slightly grubby appearance, Piggy-Sue has also gained a best friend – a Kunekune large white cross called Herbie. They're really cute.

As well as having sunscreen rubbed on her this summer, Piggy-Sue will be given plenty of water to drink and will be able to cool off in a special mud wallow.