Watch TV1 on Sunday 29th June at 7pm to see what happens behind the doors of New Zealand’s pig factory farms. The current affairs show Sunday will again reveal what the pork industry doesn't want us to see.

Last year activist group Farmwatch visited a farm in Christchurch and what they found was horrifying. Footage was taken and provided to SAFE who made a complaint to the Ministry for Primary Industries. MPI promised to undertake regular monitoring to ensure the ongoing welfare of the animals.

In April - exactly one year later - Farmwatch revisited the farm. Their shocking findings form the basis of a story that desperately needs to be told…

  • To watch the Sunday programme, please click here
  • For more footage and to see Farmwatch members’ reactions to what they witnessed, please click here
  • To encourage New Zealand's main political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies for the elections in September, please visit The Animal Agenda Aotearoa