Help ban the public sale of fireworks.


Click on the photo below to ask Government to ban the public sale of fireworks.

Although humans sustain burns, injuries, irritation, sleeplessness, confrontations with neighbours, fear and damage to property; it is animals - both domestic, homeless and wild who most markedly suffer fireworks.

Many animals go missing, sustain injuries and suffer terror in the week preceding Guy Fawkes and for several weeks following it... with another huge influx of fireworks around New Year's Eve and during private celebrations at any time throughout the year (due to the hoarding of fireworks sold in November).

Animal Re-homing would like to see an outright ban on this fear-inducing frivolity. Even one night of public fireworks displays will unnecessarily terrorize the animals within visual and hearing vicinity.

In the absence of a complete fireworks ban, we will welcome a change in law that stops the sale of fireworks to clubs or members of the public.