Hannah and Kyan contact us from Milford School

It was very special to receive a request from Hannah and Kyan who attend Milford School in Auckland. Discussions about Anzac Day heroes led the class to think about modern day counterparts. Their letter read, “We are learning about interviewing heroes and we have decided that we would like to interview you. As you save lots of animals we really appreciate it as we love animals and care for them.”

Animal Re-homing volunteer Laurie, and Bumble (the one-legged hen) accompanied me. Hannah and Kyan were confident in their role as interviewers and asked 12 questions. The answer that surprised the class most was to the question “What’s your favourite animal that you have saved?” I told them I loved saving any animal but especially the ones that some people choose to eat. I said I was a vegan and thought animals like cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and fish are just as beautiful as other pets but not many people rescue them.

The teacher kindly allowed Bumble to come out of her travel cage to show off her balancing skills following her recent leg amputation and I was pleased to be gifted with a beautiful drawing of Bumble by one of the classmates. Later I received a newsletter with an article about all the ‘heroes’ the children had interviewed.

Thank you so much Kyan and Hannah for choosing Animal Re-homing as your modern day hero organisation. We feel very honoured…

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