Cleo has found her ideal retirement home

Susan had been unable to find a home for her beloved Somali cat of 15 years when the time came to move into a retirement village. Susan’s caregiver contacted us and, amidst tears, we collected Cleo from her lifetime home. We are very grateful to Billie who then agreed to foster Cleo at such short notice.

Another animal-lover, Lesley, had adopted one of our cats (also named Cleo) almost five years ago. When she advised us that her much loved companion had recently died at the ripe old age of 19, we gently asked if she would consider offering a home to another senior. She agreed to adopt Cleo #2.

When we took her to Lesley’s home, we thought Cleo would disappear under a bed or into a wardrobe. Instead, she explored it from top to bottom, had a feed, used the litter tray, smooched around Lesley and settled down on the sofa to give herself a thorough wash. How we love happy endings! To read more of them, check out our website

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