Sweet home found for Cornelius

When Sam Vrij said she was happy to offer Cornelius a home with her chickens, her visiting ducks and her big lonely boy named Duckling, I couldn’t wait to visit her property. I had a very good feeling about Sam, so I took Cornelius with me… and he never came back.

Inside a large settling-in enclosure, Sam had prepared a choice of two sleeping areas, a big paddling pool and plenty of food. After a few days of resident animals paying him visits through the wire mesh, he would be allowed to free-range the rural property with them.

Here are some updates from Sam:

“Cornelius has settled in well and has chosen the house nearest the fence to sleep in tonight. Our rooster, my two other hens and a couple of the wild ducks have been up the back with him this evening checking him out. I got home about half an hour ago and he has taken himself to bed. “Cornelius is doing well, just hanging out with Duckling and two wild ducks. Like them, he now refuses to go into his house. LOL.”

Cornelius's original advert and videos: Click here

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