The BNZ has declined our submission

Thanks to all of you for your support of our project submission to the BNZ. Unfortunately we have received this email today:


Dear Linda

We've received 858 great ideas about how we can help out in our communities when we close for the day on 4 November. We'd love to be able to help with all of them, but with so many submissions some will have to miss out.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to lend a hand with your project for Animal Re-homing. We’re sorry we couldn't help out this time. However, if a project is cancelled for any reason, or more staff become available to help on the day, we'll be in touch. Also, all BNZ staff have two days set aside each year for volunteer work, so we might be able to help you out further down the track. We'll keep your project details on hand for our staff to refer to when they decide to use their second volunteer day to help the community. If you don't want any help at a later date, please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, a big thank you from everyone at BNZ for taking part in Closed for Good. We hope we can help you out in the future.

Even though we have been declined we would like to thank all of you for your wonderful, supportive comments on the BNZ website.