lily-victoria-sWhen her beloved Tibetan Spaniel, Lily, passed to the next world, Victoria wanted to do something special to honour her friend.

She contacted us and The Animal Sanctuary and offered to auction her four expensive handbags on Trade Me. Each organisation would receive half of the proceeds.

It was very exciting to have Victoria on the other end of the phone as we watched the auction in progress. I couldn’t believe it when the bids went into the hundreds of dollars. After twenty nail-biting minutes on the phone, the auction finally closed.

Victoria is pictured gifting me a much-needed cheque for almost $1,300. This has enabled us to pay off our debt with Masterpet, to release a pound dog and take her to a canine skin specialist and to put the remainder towards our huge vet bills. In addition, this lovely lady has offered to volunteer a full day of her time to Animal Re-homing once a month.

We are very grateful to SAFE for putting Victoria in contact with us and to Victoria for offering us this fundraising initiative. It was lovely that the NZ Herald ran a story which gave extra visibility to the pending auction and that Trade Me waived their usual success fee.

Little Lily must be so proud!