When we heard a cat screaming out at 10.15pm, we rushed through the shelter to see who was so upset... but all of the waifs were calm.

The loud and desperate call increased, so we checked outside... and there was Tiger... rushing into our arms, smelling of musty rags, with sunken haunches and full of loving cuddles and head-bunts. His upset digestion is normalising now... along with our aching hearts.

Thank you so much to everyone in the community who rushed into action with us when Tiger became the first cat to ever chew and squeeze his way through wire to become lost.

Pages Design & Print immediately created and printed 2,000 "Lost Cat" flyers which wonderful volunteers quickly distributed to letterboxes and noticeboards; social media got behind the search with thousands of shares; vet clinics, libraries, shopkeepers and members of the public had us setting our traps and checking out unknown cats all over the North Shore.

With so much cat hatred across the country, it has been heartwarming to see cat lovers come out in force for Tiger.

Huge thanks to you all - for every Facebook like and share, every kind word, every text and phone call, and every flyer taped to a fridge or pantry door for reference in homes across East Coast Bays. You are a formidable team... and we are deeply grateful for your support.