It is with a humble heart that I thank loyal Animal Re-homing supporters, other rescue agencies, businesses, North Shore Times, Central Leader and their readers, and complete strangers for contributing to the costs of Victor's medical needs. All of his current veterinary fees have been covered. Many thanks also to Forrest Hill Vet Clinic and Auckland Animal Eye Centre for offering discounts for Victor.

I have good news and sad news to share.

victors stitches removed kevinThe good news is that Victor’s blood results were excellent so we were confident he would be strong enough to go ahead with his many treatments under general anaesthesia. In addition to a thorough vet check, urinalysis, in-house and lab blood tests; Victor had X-rays taken, was neutered, and had three lumps removed along with five rotten teeth. His remaining teeth were de-scaled and polished, he has completed a course of four Pentasan injections to help with his arthritis and is on a special food to assist with this condition. He had his nails clipped, his anal glands emptied and is now fully vaccinated. In addition, he has been treated twice for fleas, ear-mites and worms, is now registered and micro-chipped and has been provided with a lovely collar and lead. Now that he has no toothache, the dear old fellow loves his food and we have to be careful he doesn’t become overweight. That’s the good news! The photo opposite is of him recently having all his stitches removed by veterinarian Kevin O'Meara.

victor  peter eye examThe sad news is that we took Victor to the eye specialist yesterday (see photo opposite). Unfortunately he is clinically blind. He has no vision whatever in his left eye, due to an unknown historical injury. In very bright environments, the remaining eye may have minimal sight of shadows moving. We were all hoping that the small cataract could be removed and his vision restored. Unfortunately the retina is so degenerated, that removing the cataract would make no difference to his vision. We were so hoping that he could go into his retirement with some sight, but it’s not to be… On the bright side, I don’t have to fundraise for eye surgery now.

All that remains is for a devoted home to be offered for this wonderful old gentleman with the wagging tail - where he will be cherished and allowed to live out the rest of his natural life-span in comfort, warmth and with plenty of human company. Please click here for more photographs of Victor and to read his profile. Thank you.

victors raffle prizes volunteers sell raffle

Very special thanks to Sheryl Gore of Petxcite who singlehandedly petitioned vet clinics and pet stores until she had three beautiful prizes to enable a quick local raffle for Victor’s vet costs. Within a week, just over $1,000 was raised. First prize - a basket full of cat goodies - went to Jeremy Anderson of Murrays Bay, second prize - a bed full of dog goodies - to Ingrid Shaw of Torbay and third prize - a cat or small dog bed - to Bernadette Sisson of Browns Bay. Thank you also to North Shore Policing Centre for drawing the raffle.

police draw for victor

Much appreciation to all the donors, selling venues and ticket purchasers and particular thanks to:

I never fail to be overwhelmed at the goodness of humanity when approached for help with an animal in strife. Please keep an eye on the HAPPY ENDINGS pages of our website to see where and when Victor finds his retirement home.


Love Linda