An Auckland park has become crowded with more than 300 geese and the council desperately needs to find new homes for them in May and June 2009. Determined to prevent a cull, they have approached me for your help. Geese will keep the grass down, fertilize the land and they make excellent watchdogs.

Their new homes should provide large open lawn or pasture areas on which the birds can graze, and have access to fresh drinking water. They do not require open bodies of water on which to swim, although it would be a bonus for them. Life style blocks, smallholdings and farms would provide suitable homes.

The birds will be kept in their family groups and therefore the council would prefer to re-home them in clusters of five or more.


Delivery of these groups of birds will be organised by the council anywhere within the Auckland Region covering Auckland City, Waitakere, Manukau, North Shore, Rodney, Franklin and Papakura.

If you are able to adopt less than five geese or you are able to give a home to birds outside of the Auckland Region this could be arranged, provided that you are willing to collect and safely transport them yourself.

Successful applicants must be willing to have me or my representative visit the geese at about three monthly intervals for the length of their natural lifespan (20 odd years).

A smaller group of roosters are also to be relocated on the same basis.

If you, or others you know, are able to offer a safe haven to any number of these beautiful creatures, please urgently contact Linda!