URGENT Fosterer or home needed for Ned and Sooty

Urgent foster or retirement home needed in Auckland for two senior cats. Do you have a spare room to save their lives?

15-year-old bonded friends Sooty and Ned were dropped at a vet clinic for lethal injections and need immediate shelter. We are full to capacity but are desperate to help them by tomorrow.

These boys have never been separated, are neutered and very affectionate. The vet says they are in good health – and has offered to give them each a free dental if we're able to save them.

We couldn’t bear for them to be killed – they may have five or more years ahead of them yet. They are looking for a loving retirement home or temporary fosterer.

Do you have space to adopt or to foster Ned and Sooty? Please quickly contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UPDATE: Ned and Sooty have been saved! :) Please contact us if you are able to offer them a permanent home or to foster other animals for us.

sooty sooty