Rabbit: Button


Animal Re-homing was contacted when this dear little fellow was found with his coat very matted while he was wandering about in a suburban Auckland neighbourhood.

Before I could respond to the caller, he had been taken to a vet clinic. The clinic immediately sent him to the SPCA - just as I found an ideal home for him.


Once he had been held 7 days for his original caregivers to come forward, he was neutered and vet checked. The SPCA adoption fee was then paid and he was collected.

He was named Button and has not looked back since he went to his lovely new home in Otorohanga. It is hoped that he will one day share accommodation with Sox (See the little rabbit below).

This is what his new caregiver has to say about Button:

"Button was so-named because he is as bright and as cute ...as a button! He has settled easily into his new home and routine, endearing himself to me instantly, due to his adorable character. He knows his name and comes running for food or tickles. Due to his long, fine coat, Button needs regular grooming, which he endures stoically.”