Pigs: Triplets

Triplet Pigs

Thank you so much for your concerned responses regarding these babies who now have life-long sanctuary with an animal-loving family with three children - one to give specific attention to each piglet. It's a miracle that they are able to stay together. Before their adoption, the males were neutered and they were all wormed and received treatment for their skin conditions.

The caregivers have agreed to quarterly visits to these gorgeous creatures who totally capture the hardest of hearts. Please contact me if are able to offer a genuine home to any animal considered by some folk to be human food. As you can imagine, the risks in re-homing pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats and fish are dire.



The three Captain Cook piglets pictured, and other animals, were abandoned without food or water when their “caregivers” moved out.

Because they are a breed commonly killed for their flesh, the strictest adoption criteria will apply.

They are putting on weight and beginning to enjoy human contact now. One of the white piglets is female; the other white one and the terracotta coloured one are male. The boys will be neutered before their adoption.

Triplet Pigs

Please contact me if you, or anyone you know, is able to offer any of them a home where they will be allowed to live out their natural lifespan of 10-15 years for a domesticated pig or 25 years for a captured wild pig. The background of these piglets is unknown. They are unable to remain in their temporary rescue home.

The piglets are currently in Auckland, but transportation of them is a possibility to a safe haven. Vegan and vegetarian families will be given preference. Thank you.