Pig: Clementine


Thank you to those who applied for the adoption of Clementine. The first photo shows her as a baby piglet and the others show her as she looks today. It's not easy to find homes for pigs where they will not be exploited for their flesh or used as breeding machines with their babies slaughtered. If you can offer a home where pigs can live out the length of their natural lifespan without exploitation, I would love to hear from you. Quarterly visits by arrangement would be one of the conditions of adoption.

When Roxy sadly approached me, their rescued Kunekune piglet had been with her family for 8 months and had become a loved attention-seeking 65kg pet. They unexpectedly had to move to a property with a much smaller section which didn't provide enough space for Clementine; so Roxy was seeking a home where this affectionate pig would have lots of land and human & animal company.

Clementine Clementine

Described as having "lovely personality" Clementine is now living on 8 acres with other pigs for company. One of her human caregivers is constantly working on the property, so she has the care and company she so enjoys. Roxy is happy that her family is welcome to visit Clementine.