Bovine: Three Young Cows

This friendly trio have been living in a wonderful home for just over two years now. However, it's possible they may need to be adopted again due to a lack of pasture in their current home. Please make inquiries if you can help.


Heifers7_smlWhen a compassionate Auckland woman noticed heifers (female calves) grazing at an organic fruit and vegetable farm, she asked what their destiny would be.

Sadly, within weeks, these Friesian X Jersey cows would face the same torturous lifestyle as other “dairy” cows who are forcefully impregnated every year, have their newborn calves induced or wrenched from them annually and are exploited for their milk until they are slaughtered for hamburger meat at an early age.

Bobbie, Freya and Idaho are almost 11-months-old, will eat from a human hand and need havens Heifers8_Bobbie_smlwhere they can live out their natural life-spans of up to 25 years without being used for milk or breeding - or slaughtered for their flesh. They are very tame and run to greet this lady for a treat and a cuddle. She is determined that they will have exceptional lives ahead of them and I have agreed to help her to realise this dream for them.

If you know of a sincere soul in the North Island who will allow these lovely creatures to simply be appreciated for their beauty and gentle natures, please contact me immediately.

Adoption criteria will apply, including bi-annual visits from an Animal Re-homing representative. Thank you.

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