Horses: Katie & Marley

Horse Havan management and their supporters did a fantastic job training and working with Katie and Marley. marley-horse-havan-face

Both of them have now been adopted and are doing really well in their new homes. Please contact Horse Havan if you are interested in adopting an equine friend or if you know of one who needs their help.

marley-horse-havan1 marley-horse-havan



About four years ago a woman was disturbed to see this lovely pair running loose on the State Highway in Auckland. She managed to herd them into one of the paddocks on the property she was renting and found their caregiver living nearby…he came to collect his mares. However, this dangerous scenario repeated twice more and on the third occasion a passing policeman helped to round them up before approaching their caregiver. He was concerned that people and/or horses would be killed on the road. However, the caregiver denied that the pair were his, so the kind woman allowed them to live full-time on her property.

Now she is moving to another area in the Auckland region and can’t bear to think of the horse and pony being sent to slaughter if they are not adopted or shifted to her new home.tracey2

Is there anyone with knowledge of shy horses who is able to donate their time, expertise and vehicle to transport this pair to the new location? Or is there anyone with equine experience who would like to work with this horse and pony with a view to their adoption?

The horse is a standardbred dark bay and is approximately 15:2 hands high. She is friendly to humans and comes to the fence for love and treats. She is the alpha mare who doesn’t like to share human attention with other horses. She pushes them out of the way to get in front when anyone comes up to the fence and kicks out at them if they get too near. At all other times, she gets on well with them when out in the paddock. It’s unknown whether or not this horse will accept a halter and lead. However she was moved from one paddock to another about a year ago and was quiet and happy to follow the person calling her.

The pony is a light bay colour and is about 14:2 hands. She is quite timid, but is happy to simply follow behind the horse. Their rescuer believes that they will be fine if someone is prepared to put the time into them. Alternatively, they would be suitable as paddock-mates for a lonely horse. It is roughly estimated that they are both between 7-10 years old.

Please contact me if you are willing to help to move the horse and pony to their new location or if you would like to be considered as an applicant for their adoption. Strict criteria applies. Thank you.

UPDATE: These lovely animals are no longer nameless. Due to her matted and dreadlocked mane, the horse has been named Marley (after Bob Marley) and the pony is Katie. They are now in the care of Auckland Horse Havan. If you should adopt Marley or Katie, please advise me so their stories can be put on the HAPPY ENDINGS pages. Fingers crossed for a great outcome for this pair. Please direct all enquiries to AHH at