Bovine: Polly


Lucky Polly has been adopted into a loving home where she has two other pet cows for company.


When relationships break down, the animals in the household often suffer confusion and displacement along with their guardians and their children. So it is with Polly. With the property sold and her caregivers going in different directions, she is at real risk of suffering the brutal horrors of the dairy industry.

Hand-raised on a bottle from just four days old, this beautiful 5-year-old Friesian cow is very friendly and affectionate with humans. Her caregiver, Lisa, describes her as being just like a dog in the way she follows her around and comes to her to be petted and cuddled. However, she is also very used to grazing with other cattle, horses, sheep and goats. Polly is relaxed with visiting adults and children and has lived with a cow-friendly dog.

Polly has had all the usual vaccinations against BVD, TB, etc and gives a negative result when tested for TB. She loves her food, and especially hard feed, so becomes very excitable when she sees anyone carrying a bucket.

In Lisa’s words, “I want a home for her where Polly can live safely as a pet, with other bovine company. Really I would just be happy for her to go to a loving forever home. She is an absolute darling, very gentle and friendly, and deserves to live out a happy natural lifespan without fear or distress. She socialises well with other cattle so would make a great mate for a lonely neutered male or another girl. I just want her to be given love and company.”

If you have a suitable property where Polly can live out the rest of her life without being exploited as a milk or breeding machine or for her flesh, then I look forward to your application. The land would need to provide either manmade or natural shelter from adverse summer and winter weather conditions. Water and a mineral block would need to be provided along with hard feed during the times when there is not enough grass.

Adoption criteria applies, including 2-3 annual visits by an Animal Re-homing representative.

Polly is currently living in in rural Auckland.

Thank you.

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