Cockatiel & two canary friends

These lovely birds have been adopted into the same home. The canaries have their own custom built dwelling and the cockateil has moved in with a companion of his own kind. It is a bonus that their new caregiver has loads of experience with both species of bird.


Sadly, when the children lost interest in them and the caregiver decided to renovate, this little trio became superfluous. When the possibility of them being released into suburbia was mentioned, we sprang into action. If he was lucky, the cockatiel might have survived the frightening transition to the wide world - the canaries most certainly would not.cockatielcanaries

The cockatiel is a male and is thought to be about a year old. The canaries are one of each gender, but their ages are unknown due to on-going breeding and on-going escapes by house-mates from their original aviary.

None of the birds has been handled, so although there doesn’t appear to be any aggression, they are not pets.

These delightful birds are used to a large walk-in aviary and must be re-homed into a similarly spacious environment. It is preferred that the cockatiel is adopted into a home where he would have at least one buddy of the same species. The canaries should live in a separate dwelling with or without other small, soft-beaked companions.

If you know of someone with large aviaries who would appreciate and spoil these chatty, songful little creatures, please put them in contact with me. Thank you.