Pigeons from Orewa

Lovely homes have now been found for these beautiful creatures. Thank you to all who applied for their adoption.



Someone in Orewa, Auckland area obviously dismantled their dovecote or their aviary leaving about 15 beautiful white fantail pigeons homeless.

Most of them have been killed by traffic on the main highway, but thankfully, four have been rescued.

Pigeons mate for life. Because we are unsure of their genders or if any pairs are among these four, we do not want to separate the group.


These pretty birds will need to be kept strictly enclosed for a minimum 2-3 month period to ensure they don’t return to their original home. After this time-frame they are likely to remain near their new abode. They will initially be given a minimal wing-clip so that accidental escape during the adaption period doesn’t result in them returning to Orewa.

If you have a large aviary, loft or chicken coop-like construction offering plenty of perches, shelter and sleeping areas, please apply for their adoption. The shelter will need to protect the birds from rodents and cats and be lockable - so that inquisitive children don’t release the pigeons.

NOTE: Pigeons can be prolific breeders. To avoid population growth, please be diligent about removing all eggs immediately they are laid.