Thank you to all of the wonderful people who applied to adopt Mushie. I have kept your names on file for future homeless birds.

We are delighted to have received the following note from Kelly:

"I have some lovely news, Mushie has found a lovely family who lives on a farm in Muriwai. She will now have a new family that will spend heaps of time with her and give her lots of love. They will keep me posted with updates and pictures so I'm glad to know they will look after her well. Thank you so much for all your help! Kind Regards, Kelly."

How we love a happy ending!


MushieSadly, many landlords will not even allow birds to move into rental properties with their caregivers. 

Although Mushie has been with Kelly for 8 years, she previously had several homes - so her age is unknown. We are seeking a lovely caregiver for her from whom she will never have to be separated.

Ideally Mushie’s successful applicant will have time to play and interact with her on a daily basis, to really appreciate her and to include finely mashed banana in her diet as this is her favourite treat. Mushie5 Kelly E

Mushie dances up and down when she is feeling particularly joyful and “hello” is part of her vocabulary. This beautiful looking girl enjoys a supervised stroll in the garden on sunny days.

Although not essential, it would be particularly nice if Mushie shared accommodation with one or two of her own kind.

In Kelly’s words, “Mushie can be a friendly, loyal and loveable friend - however it can take her a while to trust and warm up to new faces”. 

Please apply if you can offer a safe environment for Mushie and have the patience to wait for her initial shyness to pass.

Mushie1 Kelly E Mushie3 Kelly E Mushie4 Kelly E