Goldfish (12)

The six smallest Goldfish were eagerly adopted by the family of my 11-year-old volunteer. There was a lot of activity leading up to the introduction of them to the much-loved goldfish already living in their attractive garden pond. With a constantly flowing rock feature waterfall and various plants adding beauty to the environment, these fish are very fortunate.

Sadly, the remaining Goldfish were being attacked by an unknown predator and by the time they arrived at their new home, they were scarred and had parts of their tails missing. Regardless of the best efforts of their new caregiver, one of the fish passed away due to her injuries. The others have survived and have been accepted by their pondmates - in what I can only describe as a fish paradise.

Many thanks to everyone who applied to adopt these beautiful creatures. I will keep you on record for future homeless waifs.

Pictures of the fish in their new homes coming soon...


The custom-built pool which is housing twelve pond Goldfish of various sizes, ages and colours, is leaking. goldfish-fiona-b1

The property is on the market and the owners want to make sure these beautiful fish have a safe haven to go to before it sells.

If you have a spacious indoor or outdoor pond that is safe from predators, please e-mail me some photographs of it when you make your application.

The Goldfish are currently living in rural Auckland. Preference will be given to suitable homes requiring the least travel.

Thank you.

goldfish-fiona-b goldfish-fiona-b2