Horse: PJ


PJ's guardian's have had a change of heart and have decided to keep her.

They have engaged the services of an equine specialist and are slowly making progress in overcoming her nervousness.

If only everyone had the patience to allow animals the time and opportunity to settle into their new lifestyles. Thankfully, beautiful PJ will not be put through the stress of another re-homing.



PJ is a 6-year-old thoroughbred mare who stands at 15.1 hands. 

Although she has been bred from salubrious riding parentage, PJ herself is not suitable for riding. For this reason we are seeking a home for her where she will simply be enjoyed for her beauty and friendly nature and where she can keep other horses company.

In the words of her caregiver, “PJ is companionable with every horse she meets and is a real sweetie in the paddock”.

This pretty horse is currently in Auckland area. She is barefoot and her caregiver advises that PJ only needs her feet to be trimmed about every 10 weeks.

If you are able to offer PJ a happy, attentive home for the remainder of her life, I very much look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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