Peacock: George


George has now been adopted onto a lovely property...



Like clockwork, a beautiful peacock, with twine around one leg, suddenly began visiting a suburban property at 5pm every afternoon.

He seemed to enjoy the spacious grounds, and the land owners soon looked forward to his visits. In Richard’s words, “…Either my wife or our neighbours have been feeding the peacock we named George since he appeared. However the situation is changing. Both we and our neighbours have sold our properties and we leave at the end of the month. It is likely our place will be redeveloped and therefore no longer be peacock friendly. We would like to see George in a suitable home prior to leaving and hope you can help”.

We were delighted to be dealing with people who cared enough for the welfare of their avian visitor to look for a solution.

We set one of our traps and left instructions with Richard and Sandie. It wasn’t long after 5pm when we got a call advising us of George’s capture. We hurried back and, having cut the twine from his leg, my hubby soon had George wrapped in a blanket and then comfortably settled in his crate. George spent the night in the back of our car in the garage and the next day we took him to his foster home where he settled into the enclosure without stress.

George needs somewhere rural to live with plenty of space and tall trees that he can fly into to sleep at night. He will have to be confined for the first few months so that he becomes familiar with his feeder and his new surroundings…and so that he wants to stay on the property. It would be lovely if he had other peafowl for company. If you and your neighbours don’t mind the plaintive call of these beautiful birds and if you have a home for George which is safe from roaming dogs, I very much look forward to your application. Adoption criteria applies. Thank you.

george-peacock-at-buntys george-in-pauls-arms peacock-george-eating1
peacock-george-closeup Peacock-George-eating peacock-george-gorgeous-richard-r
peacock-george-leg-tethered peacock-george george-in-trap-richard-r