At least ten or eleven years ago, Clare and Max began their lives with a goat breeder. Then a few years ago they were adopted by a family who can no longer keep them due to an upcoming move to suburbia. clare-face-fiona-b

We think the breed of these beautiful looking animals is part-Angora. With their tendrilled coats, their flowing goatee beards and their long curving horns, they certainly add beauty and character to their surroundings.

In their caregivers words, “Max and Clare are very friendly, although they have completely different personalities. Neutered Max is the in-your-face one, rambunctious and very bold around food. Clare is the quieter soul who is more likely to stand back and observe. They love daily food treats and are generally in very good health. We drench them for worms about every 6 weeks and attend to their hooves on a weekly basis. They are shorn once or twice a year. One of Clare’s horns grows close to her face and we have been investigating surgery. However, the veterinarian feels the risk is too high given her advanced age. We continue to keep an eye on it”. 

clare-fiona-b1 It’s crucial that Max and Clare’s retirement home must not be too wet underfoot, because these two can and do suffer from lameness – especially in the wet winter months. It’s also essential that they are provided with good manmade shelter at all times because they hate the rain in the winter and seek the shade during the summer.

If you will never tether, breed, sell or slaughter this bonded pair and have sufficient tree, gorse, bush and pasture areas on which they can browse; I very much look forward to your application. Strict adoption criteria applies and experienced goat-keepers will be given preference.

Clare and Max are currently living in Auckland.


max-fiona-b1 max-fiona-b
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