With their 10 acre block on the market, Fiona has asked me to find special homes for some of the animals in their care.fred fiona1

Fred is a handsome bay gelding who is approximately 26 years old. His racing name was Rodney Bay, but he has enjoyed the last 10 years being lovingly cared for and sharing his life with paddock mate, Kelly. Sadly, she was older than him and passed away in 2010. The two of them were inseparable and Fred has really missed her. He must be adopted into a home where he will have another horse for company.

In Fiona’s words, “Fred is in fine fitness. Our property is quite hilly in places, but he frequently goes for a run where he easily and speedily negotiates the paddocks. I would describe him as a serious, thinking horse, with a mischievous side. He loves to play up to an audience, bucking and twirling in quite spectacular fashion when the occasion takes him – usually when he goes to a new paddock. He tolerates grooming, but I never get the feeling he is basking in pampered bliss at these times.

fred fiona3Fred is very bonded to my Dad, who pays him daily attention with food treats of apples, carrots and gum nuts to supplement his grazing. He is used to a reasonable amount of space because our paddocks are quite large and he often has access to two or three at any given time. He also has good shelter, with plenty of trees - and he’s even been known to squeeze into the half-round shelter in one paddock! He is friendly and good to handle”.

Fred has not been ridden during his time with Fiona and we would like that to continue. His feet and teeth have just been attended to, including one tooth extraction and he has also recently been drenched.

Fred is currently living in rural Auckland. Adoption criteria apply.

fred fiona2 fred-fiona-b-beautiful