Although their ages are unknown, Shelly & Mocha are at least 8 years old. Due to their caregivers moving, they need a place where they will continue to be loved and doted on for the rest of their natural lifespans. They must not be used for breeding and their new home must be slaughter-free. shelly-closeup-fiona-b

In the words of their current caregiver, “They are strapping big girls, with lovely thick coats of wool, and are in very good general health. They are drenched every 12 weeks and are given preventative treatment for fly strike in the summer season. We also tidy their feet every couple of months and take care to have them shorn at the times most likely to be comfortable for them – depending on weather temperatures and wool growth. They are not quite petting-friendly, but will usually come for food treats of bread, apple, carrots, etc. They must be re-homed together and will cry out if parted.” mocha-face-fiona-b

During winter months their feed is topped up every day with hard food – they particularly like Multi-feed nuts. Mocha (with the dark face) is more reserved than Shelly, but they can both be hand-fed by a trusted guardian.

This lovely pair are currently living in rural Auckland. Please apply with a description of the lifestyle you could provide for Shelly and Mocha if you are successful in giving them a safe home.

Strict adoption criteria applies.

shelly--mocha-walking-fiona-b shelly--mocha-sunning-fiona-b