UPDATE: Pending the construction of a comfortable, straw-filled shelter, Lily, Leonard and Floyd will be welcomed into a family home - with much excitement. Please keep an eye on the HAPPY ENDINGS pages. Many thanks to others who applied to adopt this sweet trio. I need back-up homes for pigs - so please contact me if you can offer any of them a slaughter and breed-free home.

When her marriage ended, Jane found herself struggling with the upkeep of the animals. She cannot afford to fix the fencing that would keep her family trio of full-size pet Kunekune pigs securely on the property. Because of this they are in a small enclosure and unable to access the grass they need. Jane is having difficulty providing them with enough food.kunekune1

On top of this, her house is about to go to sale - so Lily, Leonard and Floyd need to be quickly adopted into homes where they can live out the length of their natural lifespans.

Lily and Leonard are both 7 years old and they are the entire parents of 5-year-old Floyd who is neutered. None of them have nose-rings or root up the ground.This is what Jane has to say about these beautiful animals:

“They are wonderful pigs. All are extremely friendly...including the boar who loves tummy rubs! They have been used to people, children and other animals. Ideally I would like to keep them all together - Lily and her son especially because he is a real mummy’s boy and has caused himself injury in the past to get back to her whenever I've tried to separate them.

Leonard, however, is my main priority as he is the one who keeps getting out - he loves cows and will walk for miles to find them! He's a really lovely character but giving me nightmares at the moment because the patience of the neighbouring farm owners is wearing thin”.

Please contact me if you are able to offer permanent (or foster) homes to this family of three, or to Lily and Floyd together - or to Leonard on his own.

They will need access to grass, table scraps, commercial feed and fresh water. They will also need secure fencing. It would be lovely if they could all have a home where their friendly natures could be maintained through lots of human love, touch and interaction. I very much look forward to your applications. Adoption criteria applies, including a breeding ban and tri-annual visits by Animal Re-homing. Thank you.

Below is some information and history provided by Jane on each of these super-friendly pets.

Lily: Born October 2004. (Orange with black spots).
Purchased as a piglet at about 6-weeks-old from a private breeder. Lily is such a sweetie. She has a lovely, gentle nature and she has been a wonderful mother to 3 healthy litters, all fathered by Leonard. I haven't bred her for a few years now and I believe she may now be too old. She has, on rare occasions, gone through the fence when Leonard has gone missing but has never wandered off. She comes straight back in again when called, if not before. She likes her routine and regularly takes herself off to bed in her shed at dusk. This place is all she's ever known and she seems to have been very content.

Leonard: Born 2004. (Black). kunekune2
Bought via an advert from a lady who had him from a piglet. He was roughly 18-months-old when I took him. The lady had allowed him indoors and would take him for daily walks with her young children. He would then be left in a tiny area, with shelter, but no grass. His only companions were cows in the neighbour's paddock. He had started breaking out and taking himself for walks to be with the neighbour’s cows and horses. The owners of the horses were not happy about this and threatened to have him shot! Hence her sale to me. That must be where his devotions to cattle stems from. Since I've had him he's been very happy and good natured. He's been happy living with my other Kunekune. He does still have that strong tendency to wander however, especially if there are cows nearby in neighbouring paddocks - and will soon find any chink in the fencing. In the past he has always come back when I call him by name, or I could go and walk him back and he would simply follow. More recently he's been going further afield, and was missing for a whole week on one occasion until he thankfully turned up quite some way away. He needs a strong, securely fenced paddock in which to be contained. He has a fabulous character. Placid nature, very talkative and loves attention - just a scratch down his snout and he will collapse in a heap for a belly rub.

Floyd: Born 26th December 2006. (Originally black with brown stripes, now all black). kunekune3
The son of Lily and Leonard. He was a standout little piglet. I was there at his birth and he was one of the largest of his litter and the first to venture outside with his mum. Unlike some of his siblings I've never seen him get in a scrap or be in the least grumpy or spiteful. He was inquisitive, confident and friendly from the get-go. He has been a real mummy’s boy since birth and has followed her everywhere. I have tried to separate them in the past, putting him with his dad in a different paddock, but he has never stayed put. By hook or by crook, and often causing himself injury, he will get back to her. When he was neutered I made him a bed in a pen beneath the house for the night, so he could be warm and safe while he recovered fully from the anaesthetic. By the next morning he had gone. He must have physically jumped or scrambled over the top of the pen and down over the other side - quite a drop! Then somehow he found his way out under a closed door, got across the garden, through more fences and gates. I found him the next day back with his mother, with a large slice of his nose just hanging, presumably cut on fence wire. He recovered and just has a little bump now to show for his escapades. He has never attempted to escape from the boundary but is still with his mother constantly and they sleep together in their shed. Hence my preference to keep at least these two together if at all possible.

NOTE: Their caregiver is struggling to provide enough food for these friendly pigs. Sacks of ‘Pig Tucker’ are $25.00. Please click here to sponsor a bag of food for them while we seek out a safe haven. Thank you.


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