Outstanding Vet Bills 26 November 2021: $5,742.10
Contributions gratefully received


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Not all of the creatures under our umbrella are advertised.


ghost--sweet-pea-faces Ghost (California White) and Sweet Pea (Dutch x Lop Ear) are a friendly, bonded pair who need a loving home with plenty of human company, a big enclosure and a stimulating play area to suit their large size and curious natures.

Ghost was rescued running back and forth across a busy suburban road and exploring garden verges. Thankfully he then came into our care. When Sweet Pea's caregivers moved house, the neighbours watched in disbelief as days became weeks and no-one returned for her. They kindly took her to a pet shop and we were contacted.

We have not looked for the people who abandoned Sweet Pea and sadly, even after intensive advertising, Ghost's original caregivers did not come forward. We have now had both of these delightful rabbits vet checked, de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated in readiness for their new home. They have become an affectionate couple and must not be separated.

They are used to human attention and especially love to be stroked from nose to ears. They happily eat from our hands and hop over to say hello when we approach them.

Please apply for their adoption if you are in a position to spoil this beautiful couple for the rest of their natural lifespans and to keep them safe from dogs and other predators. The youngest child in your family must be at least nine years old.

ghost--sweet-pea-faces-1 ghost--sweet-pea-faces-2
ghost--sweet-pea-faces-3 ghost--sweet-pea-faces-4



These gorgeous piglets are the last two remaining of an accidental litter. Thankfully, their seven littermates have been placed in humane, life-long homes.

Chanelle and her brother Liquorice are bouncing with health at 14-weeks-old. Their mother, Cilla (pictured with her babies), is a Berkshire X Tamworth and their father, Dave (pictured at the bottom), is a lovely Kunekune.

Little Liquorice is pure black, has been neutered and he has inherited the snub nose of his father. Chanelle is black with one white front foot.  


They both enjoy mud-bathing, so a property with a mud-hole would be a bonus. They will come running for food and can be patted while they are eating. If someone is prepared to spend time with them, they would soon become tame pets.

If you can provide a peaceful, slaughter-free, breed-free home for these piglets for the duration of their natural lifespan, I look forward to your application. Your property will need to provide plenty of grass, delicious kitchen scraps and have secure fencing. Chanelle and Liquorice are currently living near Wellsford.

NOTE: To prevent unexpected litters, please have all of your boars and male piglets neutered.

cilla--piglets-in-barn ccillas-piglets-rooster-sanctuary
cilla--her-piglets cillas-piglets.jpg


geese-cemetery-pairFive beautiful Pilgrim geese have been abandoned at a cemetery where their droppings on the gravesites are not appreciated.

This group of two females and three ganders is at risk of being shot, of fatal illness and of public interference. One female has already been poached and another perished with botulism due to the toxic pond water - leaving their partners bereft. Geese pair for life.

Because they are a family group, we need a home for them where they can all stay together.

Geese will keep the grass down, fertilize the land and they make good pets and excellent watchdogs. They will need protection from roaming dog attacks. 

Their new homes should provide large lawn or pasture areas on which the birds can graze, and have access to fresh drinking water every day. They love to swim, so preference will be given where a pond, dam or other open body of water is available – which would also provide an escape area for them. Life style blocks, smallholdings and farms would provide suitable homes.


Depending on the quality of the pasture, an acre will support 10–20 geese. If it’s excellent quality and marshy, more could be accommodated. Supplementary wheat and other feed, grit, bread and mash would, of course, always be much appreciated. Eggs should be collected to prevent population growth. The infrequently laid eggs can be eaten.

Natural or manmade shelter should be provided. Three sided, double stacked hay bales with a roofing material secured over the top would be sufficient if a straw flooring is regularly replaced.

If you would like to offer sanctuary to these or other geese, please study the many websites on the subject of their care.


Because some people exploit geese for their flesh and feathers, please only approach other parties who you know are genuine in their desire to preserve the lives of animals in strife.

Successful applicants must be willing to have me or my representative visit the geese at about three monthly intervals for the length of their natural lifespan of 20-30 years.

 If you, or others you know, are able to offer a safe haven to these fascinating creatures, I look forward to the applications. Thank you.



precious-pup1-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-aThe history of these four young rabbits is very unusual. Their mother is a purebred Flemish Giant who fell pregnant to a visiting wild rabbit.

Along with their 5 siblings, these four young bucks were born on Anzac day, 25 April 2012.

They are handsome, agile and timid and they need lots of human contact to become relaxed and friendly. Because of their shyness and their expected size at maturity, they must be adopted by experienced rabbit lovers who will provide them with plenty of space in a dog and cat proof environment. No little hutches for these boys, no being ignored in a back yard shed, no little kids playing with them, no plans to kill and eat them.

Applicants will need to assure me of their long-term suitability to care for a pair of these beautiful rescued creatures. They will also need to provide photographs of the environment that will be created for them.

If you are in a position to foster or to adopt a pair of these rabbits with a view to taming them as fully domesticated pets, I very much look forward to your response.

The cost of neutering, vaccinating, micro-chipping and vet checking these four is $250.00 each. We cannot meet this $1,000.00 cost. Please make a donation so these brothers can have their pre-adoptive vet treatments. Thank you so much.

wriggly-rascal-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a cheeky-monkey-flemish-giant-shanez-a
honey-bunny-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a precious-pup-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a

NOTE: To stop accidental breeding and the birth of more homeless babies, please de-sex both the male and female rabbits in your care.


pigeon-bryan-c-close1 A distressed octogenarian contacted me following a very stormy night. In the small hours, his pigeon coop had been wrecked, leaving his five beautiful fantail pigeons without shelter.

Bryan is unable to repair the coop and has been struggling to care for his much-loved birds. He asked me for help to find these 1-4 year olds a great home.

Pigeons mate for life. Because we are unsure of their genders or whether there are any pairs among them, we do not want to separate the group.

Four of them are pure white and one is marbled with black markings. These pretty birds will need to be kept strictly enclosed for a minimum 2-3 month period to ensure they don’t return to Bryan’s place. After this time-frame they are likely to remain near their new abode.

If you have a large aviary, loft or chicken coop type construction which offers plenty of perches, shelter and sleeping areas, please apply for their adoption. The shelter will need to protect the birds from rodents and cats and be lockable - so that inquisitive children don’t release the pigeons.

NOTE: Pigeons can be prolific breeders. To avoid population growth, please be diligent about removing all eggs immediately they are laid.

pigeons-bryan-c10 pigeons-bryan-c7
pigeons-bryan-c8 pigeons-bryan-c9
pigeons-bryan-c2 pigeon-bryan-c-marbled