Precious Pup, Wriggly Rascal, Cheeky Monkey and Honey Bunny

precious-pup1-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-aThe history of these four young rabbits is very unusual. Their mother is a purebred Flemish Giant who fell pregnant to a visiting wild rabbit.

Along with their 5 siblings, these four young bucks were born on Anzac day, 25 April 2012.

They are handsome, agile and timid and they need lots of human contact to become relaxed and friendly. Because of their shyness and their expected size at maturity, they must be adopted by experienced rabbit lovers who will provide them with plenty of space in a dog and cat proof environment. No little hutches for these boys, no being ignored in a back yard shed, no little kids playing with them, no plans to kill and eat them.

Applicants will need to assure me of their long-term suitability to care for a pair of these beautiful rescued creatures. They will also need to provide photographs of the environment that will be created for them.

If you are in a position to foster or to adopt a pair of these rabbits with a view to taming them as fully domesticated pets, I very much look forward to your response.

The cost of neutering, vaccinating, micro-chipping and vet checking these four is $250.00 each. We cannot meet this $1,000.00 cost. Please make a donation so these brothers can have their pre-adoptive vet treatments. Thank you so much.

wriggly-rascal-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a cheeky-monkey-flemish-giant-shanez-a
honey-bunny-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a precious-pup-flemish-giant-x-wild-shanez-a

NOTE: To stop accidental breeding and the birth of more homeless babies, please de-sex both the male and female rabbits in your care.