misterI was grieved and surprised when Julita sent me an e-mail saying she had dropped Mister off at an animal shelter before the date she needed to move house. Please note that some shelters have a policy of keeping the outcome for surrendered animals strictly confidential. Unless the shelter is specifically for old dogs, they seldom survive. Rest in peace little man...

Thank you so much to the four people who had applied for Mister's adoption through my advertisement in “That’s Life” magazine.


When Julita approached me about her very cute-looking, nine-year-old Jack Russell X, my heart went out to her. She has to leave her rental property at short notice and has not been able to find another home where dogs are permitted. She is extremely anxious about her situation and is praying that I can quickly find someone to foster or adopt Mister before she has to move into her new rental home. mister2

Her advertisements have drawn a blank and her house shifting date is fast approaching. In her words,“I have sleepless nights thinking about what one of the animal shelters told me - just to put him down. I cannot do that and for me it’s like killing another member of my family. I do not know where to put the dog. He is like my small baby. I used to feed him with my hand when he was unwell and didn’t want to eat - just to make it sure that he would not be hungry. Can you please help me Linda? All he needs is a home to live in. I can contribute towards his expenses”.

Mimister3ster has been living with Julita’s family since they saw his advertisement, “Free to a good home” in a local newspaper when he was just one year old.

With his cheeky face and the orange highlights through his brown coat, Mister will steal many hearts, but the successful applicant will need to be committed to taking some professional training. Mister cannot be trusted to come to the call, so needs to be walked on the leash; and because he has not been well socialised with other dogs, any applicants for this lively little fellow will need to be experienced with dogs.

I look forward to your adoption applications or your offers of foster care for him. Thank you so much.