It is with a very heavy heart that I advise that, although Ollie's surgery to remove a colon tumour was successful, she succumbed to septicaemia (blood poisoning) four days later. To the last, she was affectionately loving...and devotedly loved. May this dear little soul quickly find her way to her final Caregiver in the next world. Thank you to each one of you who touched Ollie with your love...just as she so achingly touched us with hers. Huge thanks to Deborah and to the Dog Protection Society for so lovingly fostering her.



Following a sad change in circumstances, Naomi had tried everything possible to find a home for her beloved dog, but an active 12-year-old is not easy to place – even when she is as lovely and as affectionate as this purebred Soft-Coated Irish Wheaten Terrier.

Weighing about 13kg, Ollie comes up to knee height, has a soft white woolly coat and bright brown eyes. She has been spayed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, micro-chipped and registered. Her teeth have recently been cleaned.

Naomi was so relieved when I was alerted to Ollie’s plight and I asked her to cancel the vet appointment to have her girl put to death.

In her caregiver’s words, “Ollie likes walks (particularly along beaches), car rides, hugs, treats, hanging out at home, massages, sleeping and socialising with people and other dogs. She dislikes being told off, the sound of thunder and the thought of having a shower – although once the shower starts she really enjoys it. I'd like a home for her that will give her the love she deserves. She has a very lovely nature. Ollie has set routines which she responds to very well, so it would be good to have someone who can continue to give her that stability”.

Ollie enjoys a daily walk, although she has never been allowed off the leash. It would be great if her new caregiver would train her in recall, so that she could sometimes run free. She has been accustomed to indoor & outdoor access and to sleeping in the house at night, so this must be allowed to continue in her new home.

If your fences and gates are about 1.5 metres high, if you have no pets or young children living with you, if you meet Naomi’s wish list and if you are accepting that Ollie is in her final years, then I would love to hear from you. Thank you.


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